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Blessed Mama's Blurbs: December 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Modern Kids Design's Shop For A Cause Giveaway (Ends 1/31)

Disclosure: I am in no way responsible for this giveaway. I am only helping Moms Affiliate host it.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

KidsEmail - Safe Email for Kids Review #kidsemail

KidsEmail protects kids while still giving them the freedom to email. It is powerful and safe. It's a must have for any child and parent's have total control over who the child can email.

Two types of accounts: Kids and Teens.

*Mail Monitoring - Parents receive copies of ALL incoming and outgoing mail.
*Time Restrictions - You can restrict times of the day, days of week or even ground child from using email.
*Mail Queue - Parents can intercept mail that fails safety rules or accept/deny email.
*Block Senders - If you allow child to receive mail from anyone, you can still block people by adding them to a blacklist.
*Contact Manager - Add family and friends to contact list. Also can deny sending/receiving of emails to/from anyone not belonging to child's list.
*No Ads - No advertising is offered on site. Child will not see anything inappropriate.
*GPS Tracker - For kids that use free app on GPS enabled device, you can track where kids are or have been.
*Custom Mailbox Folders - Child can create folders to keep mail organized.
*Remove Links & Images - Simple setting that can be enabled/disabled if desired.
*Control Attachment Types - Allow only specific attachment types such as images, pictures, video, mp3s, zip, pdf, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
*Offensive Word Filter - Filter out all offensive words found in incoming mail.
*Spam Filtering - Keeps spam out of child's inbox.
*Template Options - Kids can modify the look of their account to something that better suits them.
*Activity Log - Logs when your child logs in and when they attempted to log in during restricted time.


Trial - FREE for 30 days
Annual - 12 months + 1 month FREE for $2.99/month (up to 6 email accounts) ($38.95 annually)
Monthly - $4.95/month (up to 4 email accounts)

Supported Platforms

*iPhone App Store
*Kindle Fire

You can find all of this information plus TONS more on their website by clicking the link below.

KidsEmail has put together a fantastic program for kids to be able to use email. For awhile I wanted to create an account for my oldest who is 9 so she could email family and friends. However, I was hesitant to do so because of all the spam she could possibly receive and because the email I would have signed her up for doesn't have parental controls.

When I was offered the chance to review KidsEmail, I knew instantly it would be something both she and I would love. All of the features it comes with to protect her from unwanted email gave me peace of mind.

As you can see above, there are many ways to keep the stuff you don't want your children to receive out. Also, there are ways to prevent people you don't want contacting your kids from doing so. It's a pretty simple app.

I added myself to her approved contact list and sent her an email from my account. I also showed her how easy it was to send an email to someone else.

After I set up her email account, I handed the reins over to her. I allowed her to customize it to how she wanted. As you can see, she went with a pretty pink background. I knew she'd pick that one! Haha. She also chose a picture for her account.

As a parent, I really love this app. My daughter has used it for a few weeks now and really enjoys it. After receiving a tablet for Christmas, she can access it whenever she wants and I'll know she's in good hands. It's definitely worth trying out with your kids even if for right now you just try the 30 day free trial.

KidsEmail deserves every reward and recognition they have received, plus some in my book. I didn't have a single problem with this program online or even through the app. It runs fast and smooth.  I highly recommend this email program to any parent with kids who are social.

Disclosure: Financial compensation was received for this post. A sample product was also given by KidsEmail for me to review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


Bo-Po Nail Polish Review + Giveaway (Ends 12/29) #bo_po

Bo-Po Nail Polish Review + Giveaway

Bo-Po stands for Brush On - Peel Off. It's the cool new stylish nail polish for kids that makes a quick and easy, mess-free fashion statement in seconds. Bo-Po, (MSRP $3.99/each; various multi-packs up to $25), is recommended for ages 3 and up and comes in 10 vibrant colors and tinting shades for the most marvelous manicures and posh pedicures.

Bo-Po spreads on finger and toe nails just like regular nail polish, but unlike traditional polishes, Bo-Po does not contain any of the harmful chemicals or odors, and there isn't any need for harsh Acetone based remover because it simply peels off.

Bo-Po was developed as the alternative to make a child's manicure and pedicure fashion practice safe and fun. Bo-Po dries to the touch in less than 60 seconds and it can be peeled off to start over again. Each Bo-Po polish comes in a unique spill-proof bottle, which eliminates the risk of stains to clothes, floors or furniture as a result of accidental tipping. Amazingly, the bottles will not spill even if turned completely upside down. 


Growing up, I never really cared too much for nail polish or all of the "girly things". I grew up as a tomboy. As a mom of two daughters, I know that chances are there may come a time where both get interested in said "girly things". Nail polish being one.

For my review, I received the Emerald, Cloudy Day and OMG! colors.

 I asked my oldest if she'd like to have her nails painted and she told me she did. So we sat down at the table and the process of "girly things" started. She enjoyed sitting there getting her nails painted and just talking with me. I knew she liked having them painted as she had them painted red for my oldest sister's wedding back in 2009.

As I was painting my oldest's nails, my youngest came over to see what was going on. She then wanted her nails painted too. So I had her pick out a color and painted hers too.

The thing I love the most about this nail polish is the peel off feature. If your nails get too messy, you can easily peel it off once it dries and try again. No having to deal with the disgusting smell of nail polish remover. It usually makes me want to gag whenever I smell it.

This nail polish also comes in many colors as shown above. I know the girls would like the pink colors, so this Mama is definitely going to look into getting them. I may even find myself using these in the future.

Fun product for kids and moms alike!

Ends 12/29/14 at 3 AM EST
US Only.
Easy entry.
Answer question in blue below and leave email address.
All entries that do not include an email address will be removed from giveaway.

Which color do you think your child would love the most out of the entire collection?


I am not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was given by WalshPR for me to review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kernel Seasons and Coffee Beanery Mini Gift Basket Giveaway (Ends 12/28)

Giveaway: Kernel Seasons and Coffee Beanery Mini Gift Basket

I had the pleasure of doing the review on these items and I can tell you, the different seasons of popcorn are fantastic and the coffee from Coffee Beanery are fabulous! Check out our reviews here (coffee review isn't done, will be tomorrow Christmas eve)

This giveaway runs until 12/28/2014.18 + only. USA only Entries will be verified Winner will have 24 hours to reply with their mailing info and phone number for shipping purposes, or another winner will be chosen. Blessed Mama's Blurbs is not responsible for shipping or lost prizes.
Good Luck!


Baby Bullet, Baby Shusher & Yoomi Feeding System Giveaway (Ends 12/28)

Giveaway: Baby Bullet, Baby Shusher, Yoomi Feeding System

I had the pleasure of doing the review on these items. You really need to check out our reviews here if you aren't familiar on these items. (Note I am not completely finished reviews, they will be completed tomorrow Dec 24th)

This giveaway runs until 12/28/2014.18 + only. USA only Entries will be verified Winner will have 24 hours to reply with their mailing info and phone number for shipping purposes, or another winner will be chosen. Blessed Mama's Blurbs is not responsible for shipping or lost prizes.

Good Luck!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Roar eBook Review #kids

Roar eBook Review

Book Name: Roar
Author: Dan Jackson
Length: 35 pages
Age Level: 6-10

Do all animals roar? Well, no they don’t. 
The animals that roar are : Alligators, bears, elephants, hippopotamuses, lions and tigers. 


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I Wish I Were A Monkey eBook Review #children

I Wish I Were A Monkey eBook Review

Author: Dan Jackson
Length: 27 pages
Age Level: 3-14
Grade Level: 3-9

This is Bross. Bross is a ORANGUTAN . He is 3 years old. 
But Bross doesn't want to be a ORANGUTAN . He would prefer to be a MONKEY. 
He wants to have all the advantages that Monkeys has. 
So, let’s join him on his dream.

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Cute Sticky Mosaics Box Giveaway #12WeeksofGiveaways

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Who doesn’t love giveaways?! With the holidays right around the corner, Tessa from Mama Smith’s Review Blog and Joyce from Women and Their Pretties wanted to do something special for all of the loyal readers. As part of the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide they are hosting the 12 Weeks of Giveaways. Now, what is this exactly? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like – for 12 weeks we will be giving away a prize a week.. EACH! If you are counting, that is 24 prizes. But guess what, it does not stop there! Over the course of the 12 weeks there will also be FLASH giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled.
You will find these giveaways shared across many blogs, thanks to a ton of INCREDIBLE bloggers who agreed to co-host! Make sure you thank them!

Giveaway Alert.jpg


Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Years End $400 Walmart Gift Code Giveaway (Ends 1/03)

Best of luck to you from Blessed Mama's Blurbs! I know I could totally use this but it will be going to one of you lucky folks who enter to win! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Welcome To The Years End! $400 Walmart Gift Code Giveaway!

Hosted By

Well everyone, it's finally time to set those New Year resolutions, party like it's 1999, and tell the one you love the most what they truly mean to you. What better way to ring in the NewYear than with a giveaway?
This giveaway will run from 12/20/14~1/3/15. One lucky winner will win a $400 gift code sent right to their inbox!
Everyone have a safe and happy New Year! From our families to yours!

Disclosure: All About Parents is sponsoring this giveaway. All About Parents will be contacting the winner via email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn. The winner will be drwn randomly via Giveaway tools. No other participating blogger is responsible for drawing or awarding the prize. No purchase necessary. 18 year or older required to enter. U.S and Canada only. Void where prohibited by law. This giveaway is strictly intented to be fun. Thank you very much for participating! If you should have any questions please feel free to contact All About Parents anytime.


Friday, December 19, 2014

180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution Review #expederm

180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution Review

  • Provides immediate skin-tightening effect and long-term firmness
  • Restores skin's youthful appearance. Formulated without: Formalin, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, Petro-chemicals, GMO, Triclosan, Colors
  • Smooths, strengthens, and tones skin tissues at the deepest levels
  • Promotes hydration and stimulates collagen formation in the skin
  • Clinically approved formula / Delicate scent


Price: $20.04
To purchase, CLICK HERE



ABC Flashcards eBook Review

ABC Flashcards eBook Review

Name of Book: ABC Flash Cards
Author/Illustrator: Brenda Ponnay
Length: 29 pages
Price: 99 cents

A is for Apple...
D is for Doggie...
U is for Underwear!
The ABCs burst brilliantly on to the page in this alphabet flash card book by blogger Secret Agent Josephine, a.k.a. Brenda Ponnay. Children will delight in the colorful illustrations and simple text.

This alphabet book is an ideal introduction to the alphabet -- the large letters are front and center in this book specially formatted for ereaders and Fire devices. Based on flashcards developed for her blog readers, this ABC book has been featured on Alpha Mom, The Pioneer Woman and many more!


To purchase, CLICK HERE

My little one LOVES reading books with beautiful pictures and easy to read words. For a 3 year old, she has quite the vocabulary and she's always itching to learn more. After she read over this book on my Kindle, she wanted to read it over again a few more times.

I read it over with her the first time. We went back through a couple more times and she did a pretty good job. The only letter's she had a problem on were N, Q and X. She doesn't know what a newt is yet. She nor I have never heard of a quetzal. I just know it's a bird. The picture helped her understand this as well. She also didn't know what an X-ray is yet as she has never had one. She did think the picture of the skeleton was funny though. Not knowing what these things are is in no way a bad thing. It just introduces her to brand new words for her to learn.

I feel the book is beautifully done. The pictures are clear and the text provided is easy to understand. I also like that it's an ebook because physical flash cards tend to get lost in our household and our little one likse to write all over them.

Any child will love this book. Makes a great collection to any ebook collection. As a mom, I think it's awesome and you can't beat the price.

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was given by Xist Publishing for me to review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Easy@Home branded 50 Ovulation (LH) and 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Tests Review

Easy@Home branded 50 Ovulation (LH) and 20 Pregnancy (HCG) Tests Review

  • Specially designed for "Trying to conceive" women to get pregnant naturally. Ovulation tests gives woman greater chance of predicting their most fertile days, even if their cycle lengths are variable; Pregnancy tests tells pregnancy sooner than missed period
  • Tracking ovulation surge with sufficient tests and minimize the chances missing the LH Surge
  • Easy to test : simply dip the test in urine for 3 seconds; Easy to read: two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant
  • Levels of hCG as low as 25 mIU/ml ( FDA standard) can be detected within 3 to 5 minutes. Results are over 99.8% accurate
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed : experienced and professional customer service are available for any questions coming up. Refund or return are acceptable by brand owner,who is dedicated to be the best home use tests provider.


To purchase or find out more info, CLICK HERE

It's no secret that my husband and I want to try again for another baby. I only wish when we were TTC before that we had such an awesome kit in our possession that would have helped out a GREAT deal along the way. Easy@Home has made such a kit for any couple in the TTC phase of their lives and relationship.

Before we had our youngest, we tried like crazy. I even had an app on my phone that would tell me when my most fertile days were. Of course that didn't end up helping us out any. So, we took the pressure off and it happened. Unfortunately, we lost that baby. Tried again a few months later and were blessed with our beautiful rainbow baby. 

This kit gives any couple peace of mind. It's there for you to use but at the same time not dwell on trying to get pregnant so much. It's basically a guide to increase your chances. If you focus on nothing else but getting pregnant, it's just not going to happen. It will happen when the time is right.

It includes 50 Ovulation tests and 20 Pregnancy tests. I can tell you that pregnancy tests come in handy for not only TTC but when you have a missed period. I can't even begin to tell how many times I ran out to get a pregnancy test only to end up paying a fortune just for a negative test. In this kit, 20 pregnancy tests along with 50 ovulation tests is a pretty darn good deal for what you pay.

You pee a little in a cup and use the tests with it to determine where you are in the TTC phase whether it be fertile, pregnant or not pregnant.

The process to use these is simple. The below photos will explain what you must do when you use the Ovulation test. Pretty simple, right?

The next photo shows what you do when you use the Pregnancy test.

Both of these tests are pretty simple and straight to the point. If it shows invalid, try again. There WILL be duds along the way but be patient. Stressing doesn't help the process out any. I stressed too much and I personally think that may have caused our miscarriage during our TTC phase the first time.

As a parent of 2, I look forward to the day we can add another member to our family. Right now, we're not in the TTC phase but if it happens, it's meant to be. I will still use these for the reasons they are intended and who knows. Maybe it could happen sooner than I think.

To all TTC couples, my best advice to you is TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't focus so much on trying for a baby that you lose sight of everything else around you. It will stress your partner out too. I know I drove my husband crazy trying for a baby although he did want to just as much as I did.

Easy@Home has made a great kit for TTC couples. For $21.99, you are getting well beyond your moneys worth in this product. As someone who has been through the TTC phase twice now, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was given by Easy@Home for me to review. Opinions expressed here are my own.


2014 Harrington Fire Co. Santa Run

Every year, our local fire department does the Santa Run for the kids all over where we live. They take 3 days and divide up the entire town within them. First day is usually the west side of the tracks, second day is east side and the third day is a section outside of town. They come through with Santa sitting on one of their firetrucks. The firefighters get out and usually give all of the kids they see a candy cane. This year, they did something a little different. They took time out of their day and made over 2,000 cookies to give out. Every year, although its freezing cold, it's always worth going out to see them. My youngest has enjoyed it the most out of all of us. My husband put together a little video, so check it out.

Does your local fire department do anything special for the holidays?

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Incredibalm Lemon Whipped Body Balm Giveaway (Ends 12/24)

Blessed Mama's Blurbs is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I am only helping host this giveaway for MomsAffiliate.


Keep Calm... I'm A Mom Tshirt Giveaway (Ends 12/26)

Blessed Mama's Blurbs is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I am only helping host this giveaway for MomsAffiliate.


Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Giveaway (Ends 12/23)

Blessed Mama's Blurbs is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I am only helping host this giveaway for MomsAffiliate.


Pomchies.com Assortment of Accessories Giveaway (Ends 12/30)

Blessed Mama's Blurbs is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I am only helping host this giveaway for MomsAffiliate.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

BanZ Retro Kids Sunglasses #sponsored

Created in Australia, BanZ has a complete protection collection of sun safety products for children ages 0-12. Sunglasses, hats, hearing protection and swimwear are available in multiples styles and sizes as well as sunscreen, swim goggles and more. Free Case & Sunscreen Sample - Use coupon code FREE at checkout to receive a BanZ slip case as well as a sunscreen sample.

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I will receive a free sample in exchange for a future review on my blog.

MonogramOnline.com Necklaces #sponsored

When it comes to fine monogrammed and name jewelry, MonogramOnline.com is in the top of its class -- from silver and gold necklaces shaped into first names to cufflinks etched with initials. But that's not all the gift-focused website is about - its huge selection of monogram-ready wares include, but are not limited to, iPhone cases, kitchenware, to sporting goods. There is something for everyone!
45% off store wide - use code BLOG45

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I will receive a sample in exchange for a future review here on my blog.

Where Are You Christmas? #Christmas

Last night, I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch the Hallmark movie everyone has been abuzz about lately - Northpole. I figured it would end up good like most Hallmark movies are. It was but it really got me thinking after it was over. It left me with one question in mind - Why has Christmas changed since I was a little girl?

When I was little, things were great. Heck, they were MORE than great. Everything was amazing and everyone was happy. Our tradition was to go out and look for HUGE neighborhoods decked out in nothing but Christmas lights. It was one of the things I looked forward to the most back then. Of course we also didn't have smartphones and camera's were a thing that rich families had. Coming from a family with 3 other siblings and a total of 6 members, it was hard to afford one. My mom had a video camera that she used to record us opening our gifts on Christmas morning. It was for her to use only. So there went that idea.

In the movie Northpole, there's a girl elf named Clementine that really wants to help bring back the Christmas spirit. So, she does what any great elf would do and she picks one little boy who also wishes for the same thing and heads to where he lives. I don't want to give the whole entire movie away to those who have yet to see it but it ends up not being what everyone is probably thinking towards the beginning. It does have a happy ending.

Just some of the things portrayed in the movie are the same things I deeply miss. I remember baking cookies with my family and even eating the raw dough. I remember helping my mom make Christmas blankets for my grandfather's grave site. The whole Christmas light ordeal I mentioned earlier in my post. There are so many things I did back then.

Where has it all gone? What happened? Why do neighborhoods no longer do this? Has their Christmas spirit gone or is it how costly electric has become? I hardly see any houses lit up like I used to. It's a rare occurrence to find two next to each other lit up. When we do, our girls eyes light up like diamonds. Maybe it's because I'm from a small town and we don't have huge festivals of lights? The local police station has a Christmas tree lighting but it's not even worth going to. Anything with a huge amount of lights is too far away for us to drive.

Although people say Christmas isn't about the gifts but instead about Christ, I beg to differ. I wasn't raised to be a hardcore religious person. I was raised to base Christmas time around friends and family. To me, it's the one big holiday of the year to be with those you care about and love the most. Yes, the gifts are fun but the gifts aren't what truly matters. It's the quality time with family and catching up and even reminiscing about the good times that matter the most to me. Getting the kids together to play and even catch up too.

Times have changed drastically. Christmas to most is no longer about the reasons I think it's about but instead bargains and trying to get their kids the best stuff at the store. What about the kids who have nothing? Those who are homeless? I have found myself donating more to charities that help the less unfortunate out as an adult than I ever remember my family doing when I was a child. Has the world really gone to hell that damn much since I was little? Times are hard, I know. I have had my fair share of struggles since being released out into the real world. It shouldn't be hard enough that people start losing hope and faith in the holidays.

My girls will most likely never experience all that I did when I was little. I am sure as heck going to make it a point to give them the best experiences I can though for the holidays, so they too know what they should be based around. Love, joy, happiness and spending quality time with family. I want them to know that gifts can be replaced but people cannot. To cherish every moment you can with your loved ones. If they choose to become religious and believe in Christmas for other reasons, that is their decision and as a mother, I will never steer them from their thoughts and opinions in life.

Again I ask, where are you Christmas? Will I ever find you again?

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Romancing Christmas - Heartwarming Holiday Stories eBook Review #RachelleAyala

Romancing Christmas - Heartwarming Holiday Stories eBook Review

A boxed set of 10 heartwarming romances during Christmas time. This boxed set includes Christmas romances from the future all the way to friends into lovers stories.

-Broken Protocols 3.5 by Dale Mayer

-Shades Series: Shades of Holly by H.D. Thomson
-A Season For Love by Chantel Rondeau
-Christmas Hope by Leslie Lynch
-A Christmas Miracle by Sandy Loyd
-Salty Carmel Christmas by Barbara Lohr
-Heating Up The Holidays by Marcia James
-Insanity Claus by Carolyn Hughey
-A Family For Christmas by Tallulah Grace
-A Father For Christmas by Rachelle Ayala

To find out even more info or purchase, CLICK HERE


The winter months tend to bring out the 'curling up and reading a good book' side of me. There is just something relaxing and comforting in laying on the couch or even in bed, curled up under a blanket with a good book whether it be an actual book or even an eBook.

I love reading books about the holidays. Most usually have happy endings and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Others end up being some of the most romantic love stories possible. One of those books just happened to be A Father For Christmas by Rachelle Ayala which can be found in this boxed set.

I have yet to read all of these books but from the ones I HAVE read, I am very pleased and I look forward to reading more of them as the holidays get closer. Christmas Hope has been my second favorite so far.

This set makes a great gift for any book lover in your family. Better yet, if you love romance novels and you need something to read, this set is for you. For a limited time, you can purchase it right now for only 99 cents. 10 books for 99 cents!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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